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Secure Data Erase For The Rest Of Us

Today in our data recovery blog we’ll talk about something completely different. Let’s talk about how to irreversibly destroy information such that no one would be able to recover it later on no matter what tools they use.

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External Drive Failed: Data Recovery from USB and Network Disks

Single-drive attached storage options such as personal clouds, USB 3.0 and SATA enclosures are becoming increasingly popular among home users and in small offices. WD, Buffalo, Shuttle, Synology, Qnap and many other manufacturers offer a wide range of sealed and removable-disk, single and multiple-bay solutions. Not all of these are created equal. Some solutions are inherently more feature-reach than others, and some models are more reliable than the rest of the crowd. However, even the most reliable storage will eventually fail or need replacement. In this article, we’ll have a look at what one can do to preserve (or recover) information stored in these systems.

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Cloud Backups: Are They Good Enough to Secure Your Data?

Having a backup strategy is often cited as the best way to protect information against data loss. Today, we’ll look at a particular type of backups that use cloud storage to sync and back up your files.

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How Formatting Works

Today’s data recovery tools have no problem recovering your data from a recently formatted hard drive or memory card. If you are following our publications, you may already know how they do it (and if you don’t, you’re welcome to read “Content Aware Recovery and Data Carving Explained” we published two weeks ago). But why exactly is this possible? Isn’t the very purpose of formatting the disk destroying everything on it? Well, not quire. Let’s have a look at what actually happens when you format (or “initialize”) a disk volume.

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Content Aware Recovery and Data Carving Explained

If you are shopping for a data recovery tool, you have probably seen manufacturers mention things like “file carving”, “signature search” or “content-aware recovery”. What are these, is there any difference between these technologies, and do they really help recover more data? Read this article to find out!

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Why and How Deleted Files Can Be Undeleted

With the many data recovery products offering to undelete your deleted files in a matter of minutes, have you ever wondered just how exactly it works, and why it’s at all possible? In this article, we’ll have a look at what Windows does when deleting a file, and what those tools do to reverse it.

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Recovering Word Documents On the Spot

Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, as well as their Open Office counterparts in the “open” world are among the most valuable files on many users’ computers. A hard drive accident, a file system crash, a failed USB thumb drive or a broken laptop can instantly render these valuable files inaccessible.

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Avoiding Data Loss with Removable Storage Devices

There are three simple rules to avoid data loss on removable storage media.

– Use Unmount or Safe Remove to safely eject the device
– Do not remove the storage device while in use
– Disable write cache for removable storage devices

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