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Smartphones and Data Recovery

What happens to files I delete from a smartphone? Is there a chance to get them back after full factory reset? And when are you finally writing a data tool for my smartphone? With massive proliferation of smartphones, we are getting more and more of these questions every week. So we decided to write the definite article to (hopefully) answer most of these questions.

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Secure Data Erase For The Rest Of Us

Today in our data recovery blog we’ll talk about something completely different. Let’s talk about how to irreversibly destroy information such that no one would be able to recover it later on no matter what tools they use.

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Windows File Systems: What You Need to Know (and Why)

Did you know Windows Phone uses NTFS? Why most memory cards and nearly all USB pen drive are still using the ancient FAT? How come you can store full-length HD movies on some flash drives but not the others? Why some devices only support SDHC memory cards up to 32 GB, and what can be done to make them use a 64 GB SDXC? These and many other questions have to do with the type of a file system used by a particular storage device. But what does that has to do with Windows? Read along to discover

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Recovering Data from Fake SD Cards

It’s not been long since the end of winter holidays we’ve got our first support call in the new year. “Hi”, the voice said. “I’ve just got a Christmas deal on a new 64-gig micro SD card. I used that card on a Christmas vacation and took more than a thousand pictures. Back home, I could only read the first 300 or so. The rest of my pictures come out corrupted. Can your software help?”

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Content Aware Recovery and Data Carving Explained

If you are shopping for a data recovery tool, you have probably seen manufacturers mention things like “file carving”, “signature search” or “content-aware recovery”. What are these, is there any difference between these technologies, and do they really help recover more data? Read this article to find out!

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Avoiding Data Loss with Removable Storage Devices

There are three simple rules to avoid data loss on removable storage media.

– Use Unmount or Safe Remove to safely eject the device
– Do not remove the storage device while in use
– Disable write cache for removable storage devices

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Modern Data Recovery Tools: Undelete.exe with GUI?

A large count of data recovery tools are available on the market. Do all of them work the same way? Are they just a good old undelete.exe with flashy user interface instead of the command line? Read along to find out!

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