How to Make Your Own LiveCD

To Make Your Own LiveCD, you should get a stand-alone software environment image and write it to a USB flash drive, or to another removable media like an external hard drive, or an optical disk if your computer has a DVD drive. If you need a ready-made solution, the image can be downloaded from the Internet. Alternatively, you can create a LiveCD of your own that suits your particular needs. Let’s explore all options in detail.

Your drive has RAW file system

What should you do if you try to open a disk or USB drive on your computer, but they can’t be accessed because they have a RAW file system? How can you restore access to a RAW disk or USB drive? And the most important - how can you bring your data back in such case? Below, you’ll learn what kind of file system is RAW, how to fix it, and how to recover your data.

Recovering a USB Drive After Failed Formatting

How to recover a USB drive after formatting? That is, if it was incorrect formatting, after which the USB drive may not be displayed at all, or displayed in a different format (or as a RAW device), or shown as some unallocated disk space etc. If this is what happened in your case, you need a computer to fix the problem. If you’re lucky, the USB drive can be repaired with Windows integrated features, but you might have to spend some time dealing with more complicated tools.

Smartphones and Data Recovery

What happens to files I delete from a smartphone? Is there a chance to get them back after full factory reset? And when are you finally writing a data tool for my smartphone? With massive proliferation of smartphones, we are getting more and more of these questions every week. So we decided to write the definite article to (hopefully) answer most of these questions.

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