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How to recover mdadm RAID 0, 1, 5 array on Linux?

Using RAID arrays allows you to increase data security. But we should not forget that RAID arrays can also fail. Often the cause is the peculiarities of the operating system. The most important point is that RAID failure often cannot be repaired with the built-in Linux tools. In this article, we will discuss the main causes of RAID failure on Linux and what to do if a RAID array fails.

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Creating the software mdadm RAID in Linux

The importance of reliable data storage is obvious to any level of user. Especially nowadays, when the amount of stored data is growing at an extra rate, regardless of whether this data is personal (the photo and video collections) or corporate (financial and project documentation, scientific research results, etc.). One of the tools to help solve the data storage problem to a certain extent is based on the creation of RAID disk arrays. In this article we will explain how to create a software RAID in Linux.

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How to shrink partition hard drive in Windows

Need to partition HDDs and SSD hard drives? Below we will find the best ways and options for partitioning already installed Windows operating system.

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Recovering Hybrid HDD’s: Easier Than You Might Think

With the advent of ultra-fast SSD drives, nearly everyone was toying with the idea of replacing their big, loud and power-hungry hard drive with a slim and silent SSD. The extremely high speed of SSD drives is, however, countered by their high cost per gigabyte of storage, which in term limits the practically affordable maximum capacity of such disks to between half a gig and one gigabyte (as of mid-2015).

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Your Hard Drive Is Unreliable. Your SSD Is a Time-Bomb

Dealing with failed hard disks, SSD drives and other storage media on a daily basis, it’s hard not to make a conclusion that, whatever storage media you’re using, it’s doomed. Why exactly are hard disks unreliable, what causes SSD drives to fail, and what can you do to minimize the chance you’ll ever need our services? Read along to find out!

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Fixing Hard Drives: Don’t Try It At Home!

While software-based recovery is pretty much the only method available to ordinary computer users, this method has an awful lot of assumptions. It needs your hard drive to be working and in a reasonably healthy condition, both mechanically and electronically. Your computer’s BIOS must recognize the hard drive, at very least exposing it to low-level functions of the OS. Finally, the OS must be able to read the drive, at least in low-level mode.

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Linux File Systems: What You Need to Know

Linux. Lots and lots of people are using one or more Linux devices without realizing it. Android phones are running a variation of Linux, with their internal storage formatted in one of the Linux-supported file systems. Ubuntu is also a version of Linux. Many Web servers and nearly all NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices run an embedded version of Linux. Your home Wi-Fi router is probably Linux. Even your digital camera is most probably running embedded Linux! Chances are, your refrigerator and coffee maker will run Linux, sooner or later.

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Secure Data Erase For The Rest Of Us

Today in our data recovery blog we’ll talk about something completely different. Let’s talk about how to irreversibly destroy information such that no one would be able to recover it later on no matter what tools they use.

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