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Recovering eMMC Memory

In our blog, we are writing a lot about recovering information from SSD drives. Recently, we added an article on recovering information from hybrid hard drives that combine a traditional magnetic hard disk with a smaller but very fast SSD. What we didn’t cover so far is yet another class of storage media commonly called as “eMMC”.

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Recovering Hybrid HDD’s: Easier Than You Might Think

With the advent of ultra-fast SSD drives, nearly everyone was toying with the idea of replacing their big, loud and power-hungry hard drive with a slim and silent SSD. The extremely high speed of SSD drives is, however, countered by their high cost per gigabyte of storage, which in term limits the practically affordable maximum capacity of such disks to between half a gig and one gigabyte (as of mid-2015).

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Your Hard Drive Is Unreliable. Your SSD Is a Time-Bomb

Dealing with failed hard disks, SSD drives and other storage media on a daily basis, it’s hard not to make a conclusion that, whatever storage media you’re using, it’s doomed. Why exactly are hard disks unreliable, what causes SSD drives to fail, and what can you do to minimize the chance you’ll ever need our services? Read along to find out!

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Secure Data Erase For The Rest Of Us

Today in our data recovery blog we’ll talk about something completely different. Let’s talk about how to irreversibly destroy information such that no one would be able to recover it later on no matter what tools they use.

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How to Secure Your Files Against Data Loss

As manufacturers of data recovery software, we have dozens customers contacting us every day requesting assistance recovering lost information. While in most cases we are able to help, some situations are just hopeless. In this article, we’ll talk about how to avoid finding yourself in one of those situations where you can do nothing about your lost data.

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How Formatting Works

Today’s data recovery tools have no problem recovering your data from a recently formatted hard drive or memory card. If you are following our publications, you may already know how they do it (and if you don’t, you’re welcome to read “Content Aware Recovery and Data Carving Explained” we published two weeks ago). But why exactly is this possible? Isn’t the very purpose of formatting the disk destroying everything on it? Well, not quire. Let’s have a look at what actually happens when you format (or “initialize”) a disk volume.

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Content Aware Recovery and Data Carving Explained

If you are shopping for a data recovery tool, you have probably seen manufacturers mention things like “file carving”, “signature search” or “content-aware recovery”. What are these, is there any difference between these technologies, and do they really help recover more data? Read this article to find out!

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Recovering Data from Failed Samsung EVO SSD’s

The solid-state storage technology has reached maturity. It does not mean that flash-based storage media is as robust or as reliable as traditional mechanical hard drives; it merely means that we’ve reached the point where SSD manufacturers are no longer working on improving the main qualities of their devices, instead concentrating their efforts on delivering more gigabytes per dollar.

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