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We have been developing software for recovering deleted data since 2008. Our products are leaders in efficiently solving local data recovery tasks from storage devices. We have long-term relationships with our customers and provide constant online support, demonstrating the stable quality of services throughout the entire work period.

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Our programs will find and recover more files than you expect

Users in the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, French and many other countries use programs from Recovery Software for the most complete and secure recovery of lost information, both for home use and in the corporate professional environment.

Convenient data recovery applications

By staying in touch with our customers and offering a wide range of highly specialized software applications, we help users meet their recovery goals precisely and cost-effectively. Simple and reliable, time-tested algorithms or next-generation data recovery technologies – we’ve got the right solution for you!

Documents and photos
Documents and photos
History of web browsers
History of web browsers
Logical Structures
Logical Structures
Systems and media
Systems and media

Complete solutions that are maximum ease of use

Bringing back information

Electronic data is the most important resource in today’s IT space. Don’t let yourself resign yourself to its loss. We have the solution!

Creating innovations

The creative potential of our team helps to create innovation, constantly improve and develop technologies.

Bringing confidence

Simplicity is the main convenience factor. Using complex algorithms through simple applications, you’ll be confident: it’s easy to get your data back!

Achieving effectiveness

Advice, detailed instructions, all kinds of help online… We will work together – and do everything possible to get your data back!


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