Conditions of Return of Funds

The buyer can exercise the right to refund for the purchase products of Recovery Software subject to the conditions for returning these rules.

Before purchasing any product or product pack, it is recommended to test programs in free demo versions available for downloading on the website.

A refund is available within 30 days of purchase in cases specified in the company’s refund policy. No refund will be made if the specified warranty period is exceeded.

1.No return is possible in the following situations:

1. If the customer has not familiarized himself with the product description and has not tested a trial version of the program before purchasing, and also if the program does not meet the expectations of the customer due to lack of understanding of the software features and capabilities.

However, the company provides an opportunity to exchange the purchased product for a more suitable software for the client.

2. If the customer refuses to receive the registration code after the successful completion of the order.

When confirming the order, the letter with the registration code is automatically sent to the customer. Usually, it takes place within one hour from the moment of purchase. The company can not affect delays due to Internet or system failures, customer’s e-mail settings, and other situations.

If you have any questions about receiving the code, the client should contact Recovery Software support via Live chat or e-mail (

3. If the client refuses to cooperate with Recovery Software’s support team, declares that there are “problems” with the software, but does not provide information about the problem or refuses to use the solutions offered by the support team specialists.

4. If the buyer has “changed his mind”.

5. At the absence of claims to the working capacity of a product and lack of technical malfunctions in the work of the software influencing the performance of the primary function of applications, return is not carried out.

2. The Company guarantees a refund in the following cases:

1. If the client has purchased the “wrong” program and then made the purchase of the necessary software, we will return the funds for the inappropriate product.

2. If the client has purchased the same software twice, we can return the money for one copy of the product or replace it with another application of Recovery Software.

3. If the customer has not received the letter with the registration code within 24 hours after the purchase of the program, has not received the code from the Recovery Software support team, and has not received a timely response from Recovery Software representatives within 24 hours after the request, the company will refund the money for the purchase if the customer does not confirm the need to receive the order after the specified period.

4. If the client was able to view the recovered data in the demo version of the program, but could not restore it in the purchased full version of the product, and the technical support team did not offer a solution to the problem, the company returns the purchase price.

A request for a refund will be accepted when you request the Recovery Software technical support team, indicating the name of the purchased product and date of purchase, as well as the reason for the refund.

If the client’s problem is not resolved during the consultation, the refund is carried out within 72 hours in the absence of delays in work from banks and payment systems. The funds will be credited to the bank card or account used to pay for the order.

When returning the funds, the client undertakes to remove the software from his computer. If the software purchased on CD, it must be destroyed.

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