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Installing OpenMediaVault and setting up a NAS server

OpenMediaVault (OMV) is undoubtedly one of the finest dedicated operating systems for building a homemade NAS. It's not only completely free but also remarkably lightweight on hardware requirements. Built upon the solid foundation of Debian Linux, OMV comes equipped with all the essential features needed to get your NAS storage up and running. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility to add additional functionality through the use of plugins. All of this is presented in a modern and user-friendly interface.

OMV boasts compatibility with various file systems, including XFS, JFS, F2FS, Btrfs, Ext3, and most importantly, the highly efficient Ext4.

Data Recovery from RAID Synology NAS DS415+

The use of RAID arrays in NAS devices does not guarantee protection against failures and data loss. For instance, you may encounter a situation where the data on your Synology NAS has been corrupted, or deleted, or the hard drive has failed.

In such cases, it is important to quickly recover data from the NAS using specialized tools and techniques. In this article, we will walk through the process of data recovery from a Synology NAS DS415+ RAID and discuss the tools and approaches that can help you with this.

Recovering Data from X-RAID Netgear ReadyNAS

How to recover data from X-RAID Netgear? The technology of building an X-RAID array on Netgear ReadyNAS NAS devices has certain advantages but also has its own nuances. And when it comes to data recovery, it requires support from specialized programs. Let's take a look at how one of these programs works.

Data Recovery from Linux KVM Virtual Machines

How to recover data from Linux KVM virtual machines? If some important data is stored inside the machine, but it is beyond repair, how can you access the contents of its virtual hard disk? What should you do if the virtual hard disk is damaged? And what if you don’t have access to Linux and KVM hypervisor? In this article, we’ll try to explore all such things.

Top 7 Tools to Recover Data from RAID

Even though they are regarded as data safety mechanisms, fail-tolerant RAID systems are still not perfect. Data can be lost even from arrays with high redundancy, and there is nothing to say about arrays with zero fault tolerance at all. Sometimes, important files can even be deleted by mistake. To recover data from RAID, you need special tools that support recovery operations for RAID systems, specifically. Let’s make a review of the top 7 tools and consider their pros and cons to choose the best one.

How to Recover Data from a RAID-Z Array in TrueNAS

A specialized operating system TrueNAS is one of the best solutions to manage DIY NAS storage systems. However, it also has some downsides – for example, the data recovery process from a TrueNAS storage can be really complicated. Also, some data recovery tools don’t work with TrueNAS and its specific RAID arrays. Keep on reading for a review of popular data recovery products, and you’ll see which of them are really good of TrueNAS. In the process, we’ll find out how to recover data from TrueNAS-based NAS storage properly.

Comparing Top 8 Data Recovery Software (2023)

Data loss can happen unexpectedly and leave us in a state of panic. Thankfully, there are powerful data recovery software options available to help retrieve our valuable files. In this review, we will explore RS Partition Recovery, Recuva, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, Stellar Data Recovery, Disk Drill, R-Studio, MiniTool Power Data Recovery and DiskInternals Partition Recovery. By examining their key features, pros and cons, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect data recovery solution for your needs.

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