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Smartphones and Data Recovery

What happens to files I delete from a smartphone? Is there a chance to get them back after full factory reset? And when are you finally writing a data tool for my smartphone? With massive proliferation of smartphones, we are getting more and more of these questions every week. So we decided to write the definite article to (hopefully) answer most of these questions.

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Cloud Backups: Are They Good Enough to Secure Your Data?

Having a backup strategy is often cited as the best way to protect information against data loss. Today, we’ll look at a particular type of backups that use cloud storage to sync and back up your files.

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How To Repair Digital Images

From time to time, you may get a corrupted, damaged picture that does not display properly in an image viewer. In many cases, such images can be repaired to display correctly when you use the right tool. This article tells about RS File Repair, a product that can repair corrupted pictures in a fully automatic mode.

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Repairing Digital Pictures after Performing Data Recovery

Today’s data recovery tools are highly sophisticated, featuring advanced algorithms that can do things that look like magic. In an ideal world, those tools would bring you all the files in a 100%, fully usable condition. In real life, things happen. This article discusses what can be done if some of the files being recovered are damaged, corrupted or incomplete.

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Modern Data Recovery Tools: Undelete.exe with GUI?

A large count of data recovery tools are available on the market. Do all of them work the same way? Are they just a good old undelete.exe with flashy user interface instead of the command line? Read along to find out!

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