How to Speed Up Your Hard Drive Safely

In the previous article, we discussed the speed benefits of disabling the Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM) feature of your magnetic hard drive. However, there are additional methods available allowing you to speed up your storage subsystem even more. Coming from a data recovery company, our tips are not only safe to use, but can actually improve your storage reliability in the long term. Let’s start!

Make Your HDD Faster or Quieter with Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM)

Wait a second… is it possible to make the hard drive work faster, or are we just talking about software optimizations? In fact, you can make your hard drive more responsive on a hardware level. Combined with software optimization techniques, this can help you gain a significant amount of extra speed out of your existing system. So let’s begin!

Data Recovery in Laptops
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What should you do if you delete one or more files from a laptop? What happens if you accidentally format the internal hard drive, or if an experimental OS ruins your Windows partition? How do you restore the system to full operation and get your files back? We’ll try to find out in this paper.

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