How to recover Viber messages history, contacts, and files on your Android smartphone or Windows PC?

Messenger Viber is a top-rated program that millions of people worldwide use on PCs or Android smartphones. Through Viber, it is very convenient to send messages, share files, images, and various documents. To ensure that text messages are saved, the program has a built-in backup function that keeps your correspondence. Unfortunately, such backup saves only text, and all photos, video and audio recordings are lost (in place of messages will be labeled “Photo Message”, “Video Message”, etc.). It is worth adding to this that with the help of backup, the user will not be able to transfer the messages back to the program. In this article, we will analyze several convenient ways to restore chat history in Viber quickly.


  1. How to back up my messages?
  2. How to restore my Android message history?
  3. Restore Viber message history on your PC
  4. Restore Viber media files on PC and Android

How to back up my messages?

To back up your messages in Viber, just follow these steps:

  1. Start Viber on your smartphone, press hamburger icon and choose“Settings”.
  2. Next, select “Account”.
  3. In the menu that opens, select “Viber Backup

    After that, Viber will to choose the Google Drive account. Enter your Google Drive credentials and press “Back up now

    Once the backup process s finished — you will find the backup file on your Google Drive.

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How to restore my Android message history?

In the same way with WhatsApp in the Viber messenger, a special file located on the path is responsible for saving the history of messages:


The message history file is called viber_messages.

Important: The file described above is hidden by the device operating system. To perform any manipulations with it, the user must have Root-rights or use third-party software that provides this feature.

For restoring or moving the message history, it is enough to have the necessary file viber_messages, downloaded from the previous device, and then move it to the folder

/data/data/com.viber.voip/databases with the replacement.

Restore Viber message history on your PC

The PC version of Viber, like the mobile version, stores the message history in a special file located on the computer’s system disc. A folder with the file can be found at the address:

C:\Users\ Username \AppData\Roaming\ViberPC\ Phone number

The message history file is called viber.db

This file saves the entire message history of the messenger, so if the user deleted the program or reinstalled the OS, it is sufficient to restore this file in any convenient way.

One of the ways to recover lost or deleted files is the RS Partition Recovery program, with which you can quickly recover all lost data, including the file viber.db, which is necessary to recover the message history.

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RS Partition Recovery

Download RS Partition Recovery

All-in-one data recovery software

To restore message history using RS Partition Recovery, you need to:

  • Run the program and analyze the disk.
  • Find and recover the file viber.db
  • Replace the viber.db file with the recovered one.
C:\Users\ Username \AppData\Roaming\ViberPC\ Phone number

This method is perfect for transferring the message history to another computer.

All you need to do is save the viber.db file to any media and insert it in the path:

C:\Users\ Username \AppData\Roaming\ViberPC\ Phone number.

Restore Viber media files on PC and Android

With RS Partition Recovery you can recover lost pictures, documents, and videos after Viber is removed or Windows is reinstalled.

Just know the place where Viber media files are automatically saved on your PC and Android.

By default, the place where Viber media files are stored on your computer is in a folder:

C:\Users\ Username \Documents\ViberDownloads

On Android phones, Viber stores media files on the memory card in a folder:


With this knowledge, you can recover absolutely all deleted or lost media files using RS Partition Recovery universal data recovery software.

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