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External Drive Failed: Data Recovery from USB and Network Disks

Single-drive attached storage options such as personal clouds, USB 3.0 and SATA enclosures are becoming increasingly popular among home users and in small offices. WD, Buffalo, Shuttle, Synology, Qnap and many other manufacturers offer a wide range of sealed and removable-disk, single and multiple-bay solutions. Not all of these are created equal. Some solutions are inherently more feature-reach than others, and some models are more reliable than the rest of the crowd. However, even the most reliable storage will eventually fail or need replacement. In this article, we’ll have a look at what one can do to preserve (or recover) information stored in these systems.

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What’s Data Recovery: Dealing With Deleted Files, Formatted Volumes, Corrupted Partitions

Answering calls on our hotline, I deal with all types of issues related to data loss. Deleted files, inaccessible SD cards, virus attacks, empty USB drives… experiments with alternative operating systems that went wrong. These, and the many other issues are what we try to address with our range of data recovery tools.

My job is figuring out the customer’s problem, understanding how to fix it, figuring out which tool can help while recommending the most cost-effective solution for the customer’s particular situation, and guiding the customer through initial steps of the recovery process.

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Recovering Partitions on a Corrupted Hard Drive

In our previous articles, we’ve been talking about recovering deleted files, fixing accidental damage and dealing with formatted or inaccessible disks. Today we’re going to handle a situation where the most sensitive part of the hard drive gets damaged; the part that contains information about the disk, its volumes and their configuration.

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Recovering Data from Raw Disks

Today’s data recovery tools had come a long way compared to the simple “undelete” of two decades ago. Instead of relying solely on the file system, today’s data recovery tools implement extremely complex algorithms allowing them to successfully recover files from raw volumes. A “raw” volume means that some disk system structures such as the master boot record (MBR) or the file system are damaged, empty or missing entirely. This article describes algorithms that are used recover files from raw disks volumes.

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The Complete Data Recovery Solution for NTFS Disks

Deleted an important document or lost access to a corrupted NTFS drive? Accidentally formatted or repartitioned the disk? Looking for a tool to fix NTFS volumes? Look no further! RS NTFS Recovery can reliably undelete files and recover data from all types of NTFS partitions, restoring the complete file and folder structure from formatted, repartitioned, corrupted and inaccessible hard drives. Continue reading

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Recover Deleted Files with RS File Recovery

Deleted a bunch of files from the hard disk or lost information after a memory card failure? Want your documents, compressed archives or digital pictures back? Looking for a tool to recover files from a repartitioned disk? Continue reading

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Data Recovery Software

Looking for a perfect data recovery tool? Formatted a hard drive or flash memory card? RS Data Recovery combines sophisticated data recovery algorithms with convenient user interface, allowing everyone to quickly recover lost information. Continue reading

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