Recovering a USB Drive After Failed Formatting

How to recover a USB drive after formatting? That is, if it was incorrect formatting, after which the USB drive may not be displayed at all, or displayed in a different format (or as a RAW device), or shown as some unallocated disk space etc. If this is what happened in your case, you need a computer to fix the problem. If you’re lucky, the USB drive can be repaired with Windows integrated features, but you might have to spend some time dealing with more complicated tools.

Linux File System – ZFS

The Linux operating system is quite flexible. It can be used on desktops as well as on servers. The main thing is to choose the correct file system for your needs. In this article, we will look in detail at the ZFS file system.

How to disable or configure Defender Windows 11

Defender Windows 11 is a native antivirus for the Windows 11 operating system. It provides a basic level of protection. How to launch Defender? How to extract a file from its quarantine? How to add files to Defender's exceptions? How to disable it when needed? What to do if there are problems with its operation? Let's explore all the critical issues in the standard Windows 11 antivirus work.

DIY NAS or building NAS with an old computer

One of the most pressing issues of today in the IT field is data storage, which involves information security and multi-user access. To solve this issue, there are SAN and NAS systems. What is a NAS, what purpose does it serve, what opportunities does it provide? Is it worth buying a ready-made device or assembling one yourself? How to build a NAS on your own?

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