How do you restore disk partition after formatting?

Are you looking for a way to recover deleted, formatted or corrupted hard disk partitions? Do you want to restore deleted data on a FAT or NTFS logical partition? Do you want to recover files and preserve the full logical disk structure? Do you need to restore an entire disk partition following formatting?

RS Partition Recovery 4.9

Use this program to recover logical disk partitions. RS Partition Recovery restores not only individual deleted files but also entire formatted partitions, even after serious corruption of the structure of your storage medium. An intuitive program interface and recovery wizard enable you to quickly master the basics of data recovery with RS Partition Recovery, and instantly reconstruct corrupted partitions.

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Choosing a logical disk or removable storage medium to be scanned

To recover the required data, you must first select the disk, partition or removable storage medium where the relevant files have been lost or deleted. You can view the contents of the relevant disk or folders in RS Partition Recovery as you would normally in Windows Explorer.

Simply select in the Explorer tree a logical disk (or directory), to recover the data from it. On selecting a logical disk, the recovery wizard will launch automatically.

Program RS Partition Recovery for Restore Formatted Hard Drives and Recover Deleted Files

If you need to restore data from a deleted partition, launch the wizard using the toolbar button or through the File menu > Wizard. In the “Select Disk” window, select the “Find Disks” button. All disks found will appear in the Explorer tree, and you will be able to work with them as with existing disks.

Find deleted partition

Creating a virtual disk image

You can also create images of existing or other disks found on your computer, in order to recover the necessary deleted data from them at a later date. In this way, you can continue working with the disks as normal, rewriting data as many times as you wish and still restoring the relevant files from the image at any point. To create an image, select the required logical partition or physical disk and select “Save Disk” on the toolbar (or select the corresponding command on the Service menu).

In the window that appears, specify the disk to be saved, as well as the name and location of the image file that will be created. In the same window, select a size for the image to be saved – it is recommended that you save the disk in its entirety and not partially, to avoid the possibility of there being insufficient data on the image to recover your files!

RS Partition Recovery - create and save a virtual image of the disk

When you decide to recover data from the image, open it using the Mount Disk button or corresponding menu command. The relevant disk will appear in the Explorer tree and you will be able to work with it alongside existing disks.

Scanning the selected disk

Once you have selected a disk or partition for recovery, the “Analysis Type” wizard opens. Depending upon the situation, select Quick Scan or Full Analysis. With the latter, the program will scan the entire file system on the disk and find all files that can be recovered – however, this may take some time.

RS Partition Recovery - select the type of analysis

Scan results and searching for files on the recovered partition

Following the disk analysis, the program displays a list of folders found on the selected disk in the Explorer tree. By selecting the relevant folder, you can view its contents. Deleted files and folders are denoted by a special red cross symbol.

RS Partition Recovery - the selected disks is completed

To view only deleted files and hide existing files, use the Filter option (menu View > Filter).

To search for a deleted file in the scan results, use the Search option. This allows you to find the required file by name, size, creation date and other parameters.

Once you have ensured that the structure of the required partition is stored and all the necessary files can be recovered, continue to the data recovery itself.

Recovering and saving data

To recover a scanned partition preserving its structure, or to recover only selected files from a directory, select the relevant volumes or files and select the Recover button in the main toolbar. You can also use the right-click menu.

RS Partition Recovery - saved the required data

If you need to recover several files from different folders, use the “Recovery List”. Simply drag the file onto the “Recovery List” or right-click and select the “Add for recovery” option. Once you have prepared the necessary files, in the main program menu select “File” and “Recover From List”. The “File Saving” wizard will open.

In the “File Saving” window, select an option for saving the recovered files: Save files to hard disk, Write to CD/DVD, Create virtual ISO image, Save to web using FTP server.

It is recommended that you select a different disk for recovery – for example, if you are recovering data from the C:/ drive, choose a folder on the D:/ drive to save to.

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